Dec 10, 2010


 starting time : 10.27 pm 

name : Nurul Hawanis Bt Saharin
brother(s) : no brothers -.-"
Eye Colour : dark brown ke black :D 
shoe size : 6,7 (tahun dpn ntah laa. kaki mmbesar ) 
hair : rhsia. aurat. haha. nty dok byang2 lak :D
piercings : err, haha. 
height : 160cm ( tinggi oo ) haha.
what are you wearing right now : t-shirt.
where do you live : perlis is enough .
favourite number : 8 !
favourite drink : teh ais.
favourite month : august ( 8 ).
favourite breakfast : anything. make by my mom :P


broken a bone : No 
been in a police car : penah sekali. time skola rndh :D abah keje. bangga oo . haha
fallen for a friend : err, yess
fallen for a guy/gurl for a short period : haha. yaw ! cnta monyet.
swam in the ocean : xpenah. cian.. haha. lemas kang nty :P
fallen asleep in school : yess. mostly form 3 ney bnyk ak tido. time klas ptg. haha.
broken someone's hearts : err, yess. haha
cried when someone died : yess. of coz :(
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope :) 
saved emails : yess kodd :D
been cheated on : sekali jaa kodd. :|


your room look like : cmtuh jaa. haha
what is right beside you : my baby ;) wee~
what is the last thing you eat : mee goreng . maveles. 2 kali tmbh. pliss gemok. HAHA.


who did you last yell : kazen ak. dy tarik rmbt ak. 
who was the last person you dance with : Aida, Aziah and Farah. Indian Dancing. HAHA.
who last made you smile : ehem ehem. trsedak :) HAHA


what are you listening to right now : Autumn in My heart. tema song dy. lagu blog ak. hee
what did you do today : like always. -.-" nothing. haha
are you the oldest : nopee. :)
indoors or outdoors : indoors . protect the skin. haha :D


talk to someone you like : no.. :| hee~
kiss anyone : yess ! my sis. haha :D
sing : err, x. not one of my fav :P
talk to an ex : haha. x.
miss someone : difintely, yess.
eat : yesss ! haha. bpa pgn dh mkn.


you talked on the phone : nor aizatul akmar. wee~
made you cry : cta kt tb td. haha
went to the movies with : my sisters ! haha
you went to the mall with : anyone ? haha
who cheered you up : my friends for sure :)


been in mexico : haha. x
been to USA : xhingin. haha :D


have crush on someone : yess.
what book are you reading right now : Pergilah Sepi. act, novel kodd. haha
best feeling in the world : bnyk cgt. HAHA. :D sumanya best !
do you sleep with a stuffed animal : yaw ! haha. abah ckp, haiwan buas bnyk kt my katil. :D
what's under your bed : ad extra tilam :) haha. n habuk !
favourite sport(s) : Bola Baling. haha
favourite space : rumah . :)
who do you really hate : setan ! haha
Do you have a job : coming soon. haha
what time is it now : 10.45 malam.
with however long it took you to complete this , post as 'My Minute Survey' and tag 15 people ...

this tag is for :

1. sis niena.
2. aidanabilah.
3. sis fairuz.
4. sis nieda.
5. sis schaVAMP.
6. chan.
7. sis edrina.
8. hexauthman.
9. iqbal.
10. sis nada.
11. cittra.
12. teah fatehah

err, 3 lg bebas. di jmput suma :) hee~ amat appriciate ! ;)

7 budak tough tido :D:

Uthman AG said... tindak balas :)

haha. aq ka ? suka suka

Iqbal Zubir said... tindak balas :)

err . tiggi ?
plus 10 cm lgi pastu bru ckap tggi .
btw , thanks tag aku .
haha .

Nur Edrina said... tindak balas :)

nak buat time tak dak idea nk update blog naty .. hehehe ;D

PahitManeh said... tindak balas :)

uthman AG: haha. yew yew :)

PahitManeh said... tindak balas :)

iqbal : pasan trok laa. haha. welkam.

PahitManeh said... tindak balas :)

sis edrina : okeh2 ! pahem. hee ~

THE RADIANCE OF GEM said... tindak balas :)

thnx :D