Jan 21, 2013

This Girl

Assalamualaikum and Hi .
Another post cause im totally got nothing to do . So , I love this girl . I've known her since i was in Form 1 . At first , during orientation . I dont even know her even we're act in the same class which was 1 Cekal ( music class ) . But then , before the lesson start , class kena rombak balik . And then our name ada dekat 1 Waja . haha  But  kelas tu study Japannese Language (: After that , i dont even know anyone there at that class , same gooes to her . So , Fatehah introduced me to her and she sat beside me . haha . So , it was the first time i know her (:

That she is ! The one who wear the black shirt and tudung , Sharifah Aida Nabilah Binti Syed Haron . Girl , I do memorize your ic . Haritu nak make sure jaa . haha . Aida , together we success . Im your bestfriend , i mean your superb one . Do tell me if anything and same goes to me , hihi . Be strong , I know you're a strong person . Keep Calm and Pray to Allah for the best (Y) Btw , thanks for our friendship that almost 6 years . Friend till jannah (:

0 budak tough tido :D: