Jan 13, 2013

Bestari .

Assalamualaikum . 
Drop by just to say HI to my blog . 
After graduated from my beloved school , life become lifeless .
No more school , no more teachers , no more laughter that make by everyone , no more disturbing people , no more focusing in class , no more escaping , no more gosipping , no more nasi maklang , no more koop , no more " ayaq tin kedegang " , no more class at third floor and everything is NO MORE !
And no more homework . haha (:

but all the moment that we had during our high school , it was so memorable . Never be forget , always keep inside . I just missed everything , the smell of school . And during the class , when one of my classmates was disturbing others and that girl told the teacher . then teacher will said , " am i now in the secondary school or primary school ? " hahaha . and the moment when , one of our fav teacher was sulking because of our bad behaviour which was after the exam , like everyone ignore her and relaxed . We're sorry (': but then all of my classmates had planned something and try to cheer her up . And we did ! We can see the bonding between all of us , eventhough we;re not in the boarding school (:

We all had a great time , even just for 11 months . But we're always keep in touch and helped each other . I missed this class . Always make crazy and unexpected things , but yet we still score in the exam . haha . Be Extra Smart To Achieve Realistic Idea (:

This is what we called BESTARI (: Glad to know all of you , Bestarians .

0 budak tough tido :D: