Jun 4, 2012

saying .

assalamualaikum and hope you guys having a nice day (:
cuti 2 minggu and now it left less than a week before sch start .
cuti ? aku tak rasa mcam cuti pon -.- but its a relax time for us !
now i agree with you , this holidays is the worst i thought . haha
but i do enjoy it even there's nothing much i can do mehh .
more spending time with my family , my homeworks #double like . haha
but , less spending time with my girlfriends and , yeahh you (': 

now stay dekat Ipoh for a week before off to kampung .
well , i thought . yeahh , its not a time yet for both of us to meet .
Allah has plan the best in the future , insyaAllah . Pray for it (:
#after SPM , sekarang dah kena spends time dgn SPM .

and now , i really miss my girlfriends (': ohh man . haha
including yang takda dlm gambar , 12 of us kann . rindu wehh !

aida , aku rindu hang ney . tak sedih ka ? aku rasa lonely sangat -.-
haha . and , susah nak cari hang . Fb and Twitter mcm jarang jaa skrg .
i thought i just want to on the phone with you . but later kayy . im so shy :D
and im totally miss you lahh . kalah aiman rindu hang :P haha .

btw , mcam tak bnyak story if anything happen . sedih , usha tweet you

DM bagai tuhh :P im just okayy :D haha (': #bangga tak ? haha .

nahh your thaqeef (: kuat tido jaa time shopping . #anak buah , haha
well , you didnt know what i felt and by doing nothing , its boredom !
haha . only Allah knows everything inside and outside , keep smile (:
can i say i miss you ? i mean i really miss you #kayy , nmpk poyo . 
whatever , im waiting for you on 6pm . less than 24 hours i thought :D


lebih baek luahkan apa yang dirasa , dari simpan sorang-2 .
well , i feel more okayy . but not fully . haha . take care all . 

2 budak tough tido :D:

hanabunga said... tindak balas :)

Samala.kak hana pun dah nak hbs cuti sem dah.Sama2 la kita struggle ya dear.Gudluck! :)

PahitManeh said... tindak balas :)

@hanabungayeahh ! goodluck sis (: