Apr 7, 2012

tough .

assalamualaikum and hey to all .
im here again and again , to update my blog .
as im totally got nothing to do , i mean for now . haha

" dear god , the only thing I ask of You , is to hold her when
im not around , when I much to far away "

today is not a good day for me . gahh -.- totally down .
#mcm kereta down , kena bwak msk bengkel . haha
starting from the morning , then evening , and now night .
sokay as people say if today you had a bad day ,
tomorrow maybe a very very wonderful day for you .
and i really really really hope so . allah is always be with us (':

well , i just miss this craziness . haha

im not either a strong or a tough person . im just a human being .
sadness , jealousy , emotional and all the negative one 
are your weakness . i mean my weakness :D
masa itu penting , and aku rasa aku tak penting now . haha

baby are you down down down down. sorry , aku terlalu merapu .
assalamualaikum -via im tough .

2 budak tough tido :D:

hanabunga said... tindak balas :)

Whoa mesti stress nak SPM ni kan? at the same time ada masalah dgn si bf kan2?acewah memandai ja kak hana eh :3

PahitManeh said... tindak balas :)

@hanabunga spm kak hana :DD